So as most of you know already we had a little hang up with our fingerprints – well – Matt’s fingerprints. I know its a bit dramatic, but this is pretty much how I feel right now….

He got in a bad car accident in 2003 and injured all of his fingers on his left hand pretty severely. Short version is they were supposed to cut them all off but were able to pin them back on and fuse his bones straight so that he would at least have them and look “normal”. (I know, that’s some dirty details and many years of surgery and therapy ensued) He was my very own Wolverine for a while. And I do love me some X-Men. All kidding aside…. He does very well (considering) with his injury and most people have NO CLUE he even has one.

BUT … fingerprinting is one of the (many) hard things.  And really something you never feel like you would have to worry about (unless you choose a life of crime & well, then, I guess you do..)… BUT when you are adopting, you know all too well..they are mandatory! SO, I think total this is the 6th time we have been fingerprinted and now he has to go again. Poor guy. Not only is he among a very small percent of people that are ‘unclassifiable’ it also is very painful for him to go through. Trust me, I hate watching.

And REALLY?? Do we need THAT many fingerprints? I mean – they don’t change!! Annnndd we had them to get Koral which was only 2 years ago. As much as we may seem like Bonnie and Clyde, alas…we are just your every day couple. Enough with the stupid fingerprints already!!

Ok. That was my tantrum. I’m done.

Anyways….I really DO feel like this was a move of the Lord. To delay us a bit.

Not because we don’t want to know who our child is.

Not because we don’t care to see that sweet face.

Not because we are giving up or don’t have things together.

Because we do.

But I really have this weird feeling, deep in my soul, that I can’t explain…that I have to be delayed.

So maybe our child isn’t ready yet. Maybe something crazy that I just don’t know or understand is going on.



And boy – am I SO GLAD ABOUT THAT.

We even went this morning (again…NOT our appointment time) to the USCIS Building in Durham. We drove the hour to get there and walked in, thinking it would go just as smoothly as it did last week.


It was as opposite as last week as you could get and we saw all the same exact people working there!! Who last week, didn’t notice our appointment was 3 weeks from now, who let us immediately in – past 4 security guards – to immediate seating, then immediate fingerprinting and sent us on our merry way 15 minutes later. We were back in the car and on the way home faster than we could laugh about what was happening.


Today was oh-so different. But I wanted to show God that we were trying. And He spoke loud and clear to me through circumstance.

This is His plan. We are just living it. Trying our best to navigate the way we think He wants us to.

The next time we will be able to go to Durham again is a week from today. (AGAIN, not our appointment time, but I’m annoying like that and will just keep going) So we wait till wed. AND…his fingerprints (should we need more delay) could get rejected again. I am praying they don’t, but we will have to play the game to see what happens.

The funny part in all of it for me at this point is………we went to the SAME building and had the SAME fingerprints done to get Koral. And they passed!

same fingers. same file. on record.

I’d say God is working on something.

So, I’ll let Him.

It doesn’t mean I am happy about it, or able to turn the switch off and just not think about my precious baby being in an orphanage across the world from me.

The days are LONG and S L O W people. I am going a little nuts. But I trust my king. My Father in heaven. He knows so much better than me. So as much as it hurts…

we wait.

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  1. Just cut those pesky fingers off and you’re all set to go!! Sorry, Matt. I mean, what’s a few fingers for a new baby???? LOL jk!!!!!

    I’m absolutely sure that the baby He has deemed imperative for you two is simply not ready, yet. No need to be impatient… there is no “delay”. It is simply not time. Your new baby IS traveling on its way to you… and WILL be with you. I know your faith tells you that, truly.

    I am so proud of your resolve, patience (yes indeed), understanding, and faith in His works and ways. You walk with Him with every breath… and it shows. Fret not. Angst not. You are in His loving hands. Take comfort there and breathe easy.

    We love you, pray for you and hold you close.
    Vina & Co.

  2. What an ordeal! Despite the hang-up’s… it’s so awesome to see your Trust in what the Lord is doing. We have our appointment next Friday (we’re going through the YWAM program too.) Praying for you guys. :)

  3. Well, precious heart, you have and are learning lessons at such an early age that it has taken the Lord so long to teach me and have it click. I am thankful for your attitude of submission to God’s impecible timing for His Sovereign Will over the affairs of men and more intimately your personal life and testimony to the world. He is on the move and after some greater glory. I am so proud of you for giving Him room to work His will without despairing in the wonder of it. Love U always and forever,
    Your Momma

  4. Aww Lisa… I knew about the fingerprints, but I’m just now reading all of this. One thing I know for sure….this “delay” has NOT changed the moment that you will bring your sweet baby home! That has already been decided by our wonderful Creator! God knows exactly the day and the time when you will know the face of your precious little one, and the moment you will meet them, and the time when you will bring them home. In our eyes, it looks like a delay, but every single moment that passes is one closer to when you will have Baby E in your arms! You’re right that God is at work! I’m so proud of you for trusting in Him, and knowing that there is most definitely a reason for this bump in the road. May He be glorified during this time! We can’t see the big picture, and it’s so human of us to get frustrated and discouraged when things don’t go how we hoped they would — but just remember, the results are the same with or without Matt’s fingerprints for now! Baby E will come home, right on time! Love you, and I’m praying for you!
    ~ Stephanie

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