On This Day….


On this day, 3 years ago, you were born on the beautiful island of Efate, Vanuatu.

In Vila Central Hospital, you came, weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz and 20 inches long.

I didn’t know about you that day, but I was praying for you. Not like I had to wait long…

You were only 2 days old when I got a call from Uncle Tony asking if I wanted you to be mine forever in the most nonchalant, non urgent way. (crazy)

I will admit, I was in shock. I was nervous. I knew NOTHING about adoption or how to even start the process. Of course we knew we were going to adopt, that was without question but I thought I would have TIME to figure all that stuff out.  All people have is time when they are adopting. It normally doesn’t go like this. So when your Daddy saw me stumbling on the phone and I’m sure I may have looked a little strange, He kept saying, “Whats going On, What is it?”

I just looked at Him and Said “Tony found us a baby. Its a girl. He wants to know if we want her.”

He was getting ready for work, and fiddling with his tie in the weirdest way but immediately He said “Yes, and tell him to name her Koral!” *we had never talked about this. He just named you on the fly*

I spoke through the receiver, in a shaky voice I’m sure,  “Yes, we want her. Name Her Koral Eden. Let me just figure this out and then Ill buy a plane ticket.” *I just decided I at least should get to pick your middle name and it sounded pretty*

He said that he had been trying to call me all night and It was after midnight so he was going to bed but would try and go to the hospital to take pictures for me, if I wanted.

UMMM DUH!!! I thought it would be a little nice to see the child that just became ours. I knew Uncle T was in bed for a while so when it came to our night time, when I knew he would be out and about I OBSESSIVELY checked my email every once in a while in the middle of the night. It was finally at around 5 am our time when they came. I screamed. Daddy must not have been “sleeping” much that night either. He jumped up and yelled from our bedroom “YOU GOT  EM’ ????” This is what we saw.

koral a

Perfection. We were in LOVE. You were the prettiest  little baby I have ever seen. And you were mine. God blew me away in that moment. I could not believe this was happening, but I just jumped in head first and trusted the Lord.

Somehow, and I do mean SOME HOW… everything I needed to get done just got done. I bought a plane ticket giving myself and the government 2 weeks to get all the stuff in order so I could get on a plane and get to you. I got a home study and got out our I600A turned in, we got fingerprinted and physical-ed. I was on a mad dash and I was on a plane 2 weeks later – knowing that I would have to live with you in Vanuatu for 4 months until we could go to court there. I left Daddy at home to work until it was time for court and then he would meet us there. I think if I actually sat down to “think this over” I would have chickened out. But that’s the thing. I didn’t think at all. I just did. And I knew that God had know about this before the earth was made. He took a tragic situation and redeemed it for both of us. He gave me a sweet child and gave you a mommy to have forever. We belonged to each other now. And I am beyond grateful.

So after 27 hours of travel, I flew in and Uncle Tony wasn’t even there. He was out of the country teaching with YWAM. I waited for him to get there and then we could go get you together. Here is a video on our “Gotchya Day” ( I totally HATE being in front of a camera, but I’m sure no one can even tell how uncomfortable I am here, so that’s good {extreme sarcasm intended} )

Your story is too amazing and way too involved to go into all the details here. It was an awesome 4 months. Not without a lot of looong nights, crying (both you and me) sickness and just plain hard times. But when I look back on it I forget all the hard and just remember it as one of the absolute, without a doubt, best times in my life. We shared something that not a lot of people are lucky enough to. I am so grateful that God chose me to be your mommy and you are my special, special K. You are my Island Girl and my promise fulfilled. I wanted you long before I even was old enough to really know what my life would be like. You are beyond Beautiful and amazingly smart. You are STRONG WILLED and a little bit shy. You are just like me in so many ways its creepy, and you are SO Ni- Vanuatu its astounding! I have to admit, it is still surprising to me that your culture is something that does not have to be taught, it comes out EVERY day in ways that make me laugh and sometimes want to cry. The Vanuatu is just in you, and it makes us so happy! We love you Kwelev. And always will.

Here is a sum up of the 4 months we spent on the most wonderful little island in the whole wide world with some of the best people I know. We made it through and on September 14th 2009, you officially became ours. We celebrated with none other than Jill’s Hot fudge brownie sundays. We still had to get you home though. And even though getting you was no easy plight, I would do it again in a heart beat. So, we hopped through Australia, flew to Papua New Guinea and stayed for a week trying to get you citizenship through the U.S. Embassy there because Vanuatu doesn’t have one. Through God’s grace and perfect timing it all worked out, even when I thought it wouldnt. That last week we were on 10 planes, 50+ hours of travel and you, as a 4 month old, had been to 5 different countries. What an exciting start to life my dear, I’m 100% sure the Lord has AMAZING things planned for you. Im honored to be your mommy and to get to journey with you. And what an amazing journey it has been. Happy Birthday my love.

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  1. AWwwwwwwww…that story is amazing! Thank you for sharing it. Those pictures are incredible…looks like a wonderful place! Not sure why…but the video doesn’t work (at least for me)!

    • bummer, It works on mine.. huh? I dunno, I really suck w computers. Im surprised I can even blog ;) Thanks for reading, glad you liked it. SO much details left un-typed. It just skims the surface of what God did. but everyone keeps asking me for something having to do with my special K ;)

  2. I already texted you how much I love Koral – but I thought I would write it on your blog too. She MELTS my heart. You guys are a beautiful family. Brings tears to my eyes.

    Happy Birthday, Koral!! <3

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