Fun Facts:

This is us on our First date in October 2003. Look at us, we were just kids ;)

We were in the same 1st grade/Elementary School, & Jr. High but 2 different High Schools.

Matt had a mad crush on me since 7th grade and would tell me when he saw me around town including what I was wearing, driving and who I was with.

Can we say Creeper?? Lets continue.

We started dating when I was just finished with Beauty School and were engaged on Christmas Eve. (a year later)

Traveling with my Missionary brother to a tiny island in the South Pacific in 2004 changed my life forever.

I wanted Matt to be wrecked too.

We were married May 1, 2005 and It was pretty much the suckiest year EVER –  but then Life got better.

moving on.

I got Matt to Vanuatu in 2006.

He was changed too. My plan worked.

We did our Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission in 2007 for 7 months.

We loved our D.T.S. and spent our 3 month outreach in South Africa with some stops in Australia.

Missions is in our blood now.

God is our foundation and our center.

If we aren’t on the “field” we support missions with prayer, money and an open door.

We moved to North Carolina when we got home.

Our lives were forever changed yet again when we adopted our sweet girl from Vanuatu in 2009.

We started the adoption process again in summer of 2011 to Ethiopia.

We got home with Caden in July of 2012.

Just learned to me a family of 4, until one day.. BOOM.

Myles pops up on my phone and I am right now rushing to get to Him.

We are coming lil’ Guy….


Only God knows the rest.

(and obviously there was a lot of great life in between the lines)

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