I am human, so therefore, I’m very flawed. (just ask my husband) But God loves me anyways, chose me to be HIS and I chose HIM to be mine.I have the most amazing, patient, kind, sweet and loving husband. (its sick really..he is way better than me) I am a stay home mommy to the best little girl that the world has ever known.*could be slightly biased* But seriously, she.is.the.best. We have a sweet lil Ethiopian boy that keeps us on our toes and is the humor in our little family :) And then there is sweet little Myles we are currently waiting to bring home, he is SO PRECIOUS! I also am a cosmetologist and used to do a heck of a lot of hair in my own personal salon till the kids kept coming. Im taking a break from hair, but still have it there so I can return one day when life slows down. I have the greatest mom in the world and without her I don’t know where I would be. My dad passed away in July of 2011 and I love & miss him so much its unbearable at times. I am a sister to 5 brothers and they all make me so proud to be related to them!  I have the best friends in the world and LOVE that they LOVE me despite how human and sinful I am. I’m Italian and Irish, so that’s my excuse for everything. I LOVE people. I LOVE traveling to crazy places in the world to show Christ’s Love to the broken. I want to touch the un-touchable and adopt all the orphans in the world so they don’t have to feel the cold, the growl of hunger in their bellies, or live daily in the harsh reality of a world without a family. There’s way more to me than this. I’m kinda complicated.

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  1. Hi Lisa I just found your blog through Give 1….I see you are in Raleigh area ? We are in Raleigh too, I was just seeking God to lead us to people in our area that are going through adoption out of Africa. We are starting our journey God has called us too. Love reading how God has moved in your adoption. Please come say hi, http://www.thesplendiferouslife.com….would love nothing more to meet other families going through the same things.

    Blessings, Sherry

  2. Hi Lisa! I found your blog through Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care. So excited for you guys’ recent travel to meet your son! We are in the Charlotte/Winston Salem area of NC. My husband and I are currently in the process of adopting from Uganda. I was interested in getting one of you necklaces as well as connecting with another young family who has and is adopting as well. I would love to hear back…I know you guys are probably super busy right now, but whenever you get a chance. Thanks and I’m praying for you guys!!!

  3. I just found your blog on the Chocolate hair/Vanilla care page. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading about your journey and wish yall the best with your new little guy! Your daughter looks so much like my daughter. We adopted through foster care, but I have always been interested in international adoption. Best of luck to yall and you will be in my prayers!

    • Hi Christy,Thanks for stopping by ! yeah, Rory got me a lot of traffic to say the least ;) SO neat to meet all sorts of adoptive families, it is such a great community to belong to. Love it!!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I’m not sure the best way to get in touch, so I thought I’d just leave a comment on your blog! I wanted to let you know I nominated JustLove127 for a Liebster Award. It’s just an award that gets passed from one small blog to another! You can read the post about it (including your nomination) here: http://musing-momma.blogspot.com/2012/05/i-got-some-love-time-to-share-it.html

    I can’t wait to keep reading your family’s story!


    • Hey Ellie!! Wow, thanks so much for finding what I say worthy of anything ;) haha, when my friend first told me to write a blog, I literally laughed! I had nothing interesting at all to say and am horrible with the computer!! I am so glad you have enjoyed it and It has proven to be a good outlet for me, so i figure Ill keep doing it. How fun to get a Liebster Award. :) Thank you :)

  5. Hi Lisa,
    My husband and I are very interested in adopting from Vanuatu and would love any advice you could offer to us. My husband did a school with Tony through Perth Y last year, so heard some of your story already.

    So happy for you guys and your beautiful baby boy. Hope all your paperwork gets the thumbs up and you will be united soon. Please email me if you have time.

    Much love!

  6. Lisa
    We met for all of 2 minutes in Ethiopia last week. We’re the Reinard’s from PA (the guy with the beard and his wife). I wish we could’ve talked more but alas we were rushing to see our son and you were snuggled in with your little one. After reading through (what was the phrase you used…..blog stalking) your blog for a bit….I really wish we could’ve talked more. My dad’s a pastor (now retired) and he went to Vanuatu to pastor some pastors a couple years ago. Hope to connect with you guys soon. Blessings.

  7. Do you have a twitter account? I just found your blog from bloglovin. so excited to see your family’s journey unfold. I don’t have any children but I am interested in adopting kids but I have to find a hubby first. I am still in college :)

  8. Hi, I love your blog and your lovely family photos. I heard about you and your daughter from Kristy Neely. I also have a daughter from Vanuatu, and my son. My son Jason was adopted in 2004 (returned to USA in 2005) at the end of my service as a US Peace Corps volunteer. My daughter Danika was adopted in 2012 (returned to USA in 2013). I’d love to chat more and exchange photos. We three (you, Kristy, and I) are the only US citizens to have adopted and immigrated Ni-Vanuatu children in more than 20 years.

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