Well, if you know US, you know that we have a heart for international missions. We LOVE other countries, cultures, races & languages.  God is SO CREATIVE, isn’t He? The thought of being in an old dirty bus, traveling down bumpy roads, smelling new smells and surrounded by the sounds of the unfamiliar excite me to my core. I love Jesus. I love what He did for me and I want to show His love to the world.  I’m NOT a preacher, evangelist or an amazing public speaker. BUT…I CAN LOVE. I am capable of loving others…weather it be in traveling to their homeland, wearing their custom clothing, eating local foods, holding a precious baby, trying to speak their language, making custom dishes with the mamas, lots and lots of hugs & laughs or any other seemingly insignificant thing….I can LOVE the people that Christ died for without knowing them. I can share with them His story and LOVE them for no other reason than because HE did first.

We also have a heart for kids. All kids. My brother’s kids, our friends kid’s and a special part of our heart beats for orphaned kids. This all started because we struggled to have a family !!!  We just wanted to be parents and still do!! We want this without going through the ups and downs of uncertain fertility treatments and throwing thousands upon thousands of dollars away on the chance of something – when there are children everywhere in need of loving homes. We said we wanted to adopt before we even got married. It was in our plan. Before we even had a plan. We just thought it would be later. But you know what? Children are the same everywhere. But orphaned children are alone.  Not knowing whats happening. Not old enough to comprehend their circumstance. They are abandoned. With no one to fight for their cause, or give them a voice. Not even able to know how to articulate their circumstances, they are hungry with no one feeding them. This breaks our heart and causes us to want to do something about it. What you do unto the least of these is how you are ultimately treating your God.

We literally cried out to the Lord in 2009 and asked him to please let us be able to give a child from Vanuatu our home. And it worked out marvelously. I didn’t rescue my daughter, she in fact rescued me. She made me a mommy and made all my dreams come true. I didn’t do something for God that He needed, He did something that I needed. I’m not a hero. I am so undeserving of the blessing He gave me in her. But I am grateful everyday for it. Her story is so unique and I cannot believe God let me be a part of it, I will be forever grateful.

After 2 years we decided to start process again :)  International adoption is just US. When we looked at tons of different countries and prayed… the more certain doors were closed and other doors were opened.  There are restrictions and requirements for each country. I was all over the map this time. I would pretty much go anywhere and have decided that THAT is the hardest part for me. The where and the who.

Then He brought us to Caden from Ethiopia in 2012. Another piece to our puzzle and a little something we had no idea was missing until he got here. He has been such a JOY and he keeps me on my toes as a crazy climbing, into everything, full blown rambunctious BOY. Hes my special man and I cannot imagine life without him.

Then again, because I am crazy… only a year later this time and I figured I should start process again because it would take a while. (famous last words) We researched different types of adoption and I wanted to find a child already waiting. So I was combing over waiting child lists because I really did want to give a child a home who was potentially, for one reason or another, going to stay stuck in a home cause of a need they had.  We prayed that God would make it clear which way to go. Then one day, there He was. Our lil’ guy popped up on a special needs wait list with the agency we used for Caden. And it was all downhill from there….. God brought home sweet Myles from Ethiopia in 2012 who has congenital hypothyroidism. Not a major need in the broad spectrum of life. He will be on one little pill the rest of his life to regulate his thyroid and make sure it is functioning properly. The orphanage had worried about potential brain damage because he didn’t get medication for the first 3 months of his life and your thyroid has so much to do with your brain development when you are born. But he is doing SO WELL.

I can’t even tell you in words how EXCITED and PRIVILEGED we feel to be the parents to these kids. GOD IS SO GOOD.


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